Editorial – Ranking The DC/WB CBMs From Least To Most Anticipated

So who saw that coming? I guess it had to happen eventually! DC/WB seem to have taken all of us by surprise – and confirmed many of our hopes too! I decided to have a quick look at the best and worst of DC’s new slate. Here’s an article I made over on CBM within hours of the news breaking – and boy, did I have to write this fast!


Starting with Batman Vs Superman, between now and 2016 and 2020 the viewing public will receive no less than 9 DC Movies – including two Justice League team-ups! I know what you’re thinking, and I agree… I’ve never seen Warner Bros planning so far ahead before! Gone are the days one-of Green Lantern ‘experiments’ as we begin this ‘new age’ for DC movies – let’s just hope it’s a good one!

Keep reading to check out which of the newly announced DC flicks I’m looking forward to the most below…

11) Green Lantern Reboot, 19th June, 2020


It’s not that I’m not looking forward to seeing more Green Lantern, it’s just that everything else looks so much more exciting. DC/WB proved they couldn’t handle the cosmic side of things first time round in 2011. Of course they’re not going to make the same mistakes again, but it’s hard to feel excited about Hal Jordan & co when you think back to that bomb. Either way, we’ve got a while to wait – let’s hope it’s worth it!

10) Cyborg, 3rd April, 2020


Well this was unexpected! Kudos to DC/WB on surprising us with this project, as well as setting up a CBM with a minority lead as well. My problem is, I’m not sure it’s that necessary. Cyborg’s a character that works best with others – whether it be the Teen Titans or the Justice League. Hopefully this movie will evolve to include some other younger heroes, and just have Ray Fisher’s Cyborg as the main character.

9) Aquaman, 27th July, 2018


Aquaman sucks! Haha just kidding, Geoff Johns & the New 52 definitely put a stop to that saying. Jason Momoa is great too, he really brough the intensity and intimidation factor to Khal Drogo in his stint on the excellent Game Of Thrones. The only reason why it’s so low down on this list is by virtue of the fact I (and the general audience) know very little about the King Of The Sea – although I’m sure a badass cameo in Batman Vs Superman will change that!

8) Untitled Superman Sequel, TBD


This one’s a long way off, but I still can’t wait to see what they do with it. Hopefully featuring Brainiac as the main antagonist, I would have originally liked to have seen this movie happen before Batman Vs Superman. By the time this movie comes out though, we would have seen (at least) four movies featuring Superman, so it’ll be interesting to see a much more mature and experienced Clark than we saw in Man Of Steel.

7) Wonder Woman, 23rd June, 2017


Finally! I am truly glad that DC had the guts to put their trust in comics’ most iconic female superhero – and weren’t just content to see her play second fiddle to the likes of Batman and Superman. This is arguably the character fans have waited the longest for to see on the big screen, and hopefully it won’t disappoint. While I’m not sold on Gadot yet, I’m definitely excited to see her suit up in Batman Vs Superman. There’s a lot of risk about this project – but an even greater potential for it to succeed.

6) Shazam, 5th April, 2019


Yes this movie’s got a funny name – but it also has The Rock. Add in Geoff Johns and Garry Frank’s marvellous mini-series, which reinvented the character, and you’re in for a sure-fire hit. If handled correctly, Billy Batson could become one of the most popular characters around – especially with kids who are able to relate to him. Add in Shazam’s unique family themes and you’ve got yourself a very different type of superhero movie.

5) Untitled Batman Film, TBD


Not more Batman! By the time this film rolls around, I doubt people will be complaining as much. DC’s decision to sideline the Caped Crusader for a little while is a bold one – but one that’ll benefit their whole universe. It’ll end all of those needless Nolan/Bale comparisons – and also offers the chance to add new villains who haven’t been seen onscreen before (ahem… Court Of Owls). Also, who wouldn’t want to see Affleck step-up to direct this?!

4) The Flash, 23rd March, 2018


Ezra Miller? Well I’m alright with that! It’s a brave piece of casting from DC, but if anyone’s seen this guy in Perks Of Being A Wallflower or We Need To Talk About Kevin they’ll know Warner Bros have got their hands on a future star. He’s a terrific character actor, able to show great range in any role. I have no doubt Miller will be able to bring the necessary charm and likeability to the role, but if you’re still on the fence, at least remind yourself we’ll finally get to see the Scarlet Speedster and his rogues in glorious 3D!

3) The Suicide Squad, 5th August, 2016


My personal favourite, I’ve been waiting to see this bunch of badasses on the big screen since I first came across John Ostrander’s run with the team. Since then, they’ve had a bit of a shake-up within their ranks thanks to the New 52, but the quality’s still there. This is a project with huge potential, and with a director like David Ayer attached, I’m hoping for the best. One thing though – we need both Harley Quinn and Deadshot involved!

2) Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice, 25th March, 2016


This is where it begins. So much hope and expectation now rests upon this highly anticipated team-up movie – you wonder if it can handle the pressure. With Zack Snyder back, and Ben Affleck and Chris Terrio involved – my bet is it can. Ever since I was a child I’ve dreamed of seeing The Dark Knight and The Man Of Steel going toe-to-toe with one another on the big screen – and in roughly 18 months time we’re going to get to see that happen!

1) Justice League, 17th November, 2017 (Part 1)


And this is what it all comes down to. Batman. Superman. The Flash. Wonder Woman. Aquaman. Cyborg. That Green Laser Guy. DC comics’ biggest heroes (and Hal Jordan) will team up in an event that is guaranteed to be epic. Hopefully with the right screenwriting team, and a formidable villain, this movie can live up to all of the expectation. I haven’t been this excited for a film since The Avengers.

Note – Justice League, Part 2 comes out June 14th, 2019.

Well there you have it guys! What do you think of all the news – and which film are you most anticipating? Let me know in the comments if you liked it – I’d really appreciate it!

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  1. nkay96 says:

    Nice list! The Justice League movie is going to be crazy, so excited!

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