The Weekly Round-Up – 08/03-14/03

Boys and girls we have a new face joining us this week. Despite my better judgement and insane workload, I’ve decided to pick up another TV show – because I’m an idiot like that. Fortunately it’s a 20-minute comedy, and will join both Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Big Bang Theory in a TV line-up that’s otherwise dominated by genre shows/dramas.


At first glance, I wasn’t too interested by The Last Man On Earth. The premise seemed rather… boring? But then I heard the brilliant Phil Lord & Chris Miller were attached and my interest was piqued. After watching the two-part pilot episode, I was less than impressed, and initially decided not to pick it up. Yet somehow I couldn’t help but watch the third episode this week. All of a sudden it’s got my attention – but can it hold it?

Check out my take on the Will Forte comedy’s first three episodes, along with returns for B99Elementary and more…

 Catch-Up, N/A


The Last Man On Earth, FOX – Alive In Tuscon

An uncomfortable mixture between quirky and dull, The Last Man On Earth‘s opening episode is not enough to grab the viewer’s attention just yet. Will Forte does get funnier as the episode goes on though, and his insane monologues are pretty entertaining – 7/10


The Last Man On Earth, FOX – The Elephant In The Room

The arrival of Kristen Schaal perhaps doesn’t have quite the effect I’d hoped. Initially she shakes up the tone of the show (which had already begun to grow tiresome) – but Carol’s frequent bickering with Phil quickly becomes irksome in its own little way – 7/10

Sunday, 08/03

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Banner - Title

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, FOX – Captain Peralta

Yet another gut-busting episode from the B99 team, in a great sophomore season that still shows no signs of slowing down. Peralta, Boyle and (especially) Scully are on top form this week, but there are also a few touching ‘father figure’ moments for Jake & Holt – 9/10


The Last Man On Earth, FOX – Raisinballs And Wedding Bells

Easily the strongest episode to date, the chemistry between Forte and Schaal carries this episode. Carol and Phil come across as a far more likeable duo than they did in the pilot, while the arrival of January Jones is sure to bring more exciting storylines ahead – 8/10

Monday, 09/03

Gotham will return 13/04.

Tuesday, 10/03

Agents Of SHIELD Banner - Title

Agents Of SHIELD, ABC – Who You Really Are

Whoever originally thought of using Jamie Alexander’s Sif in AOS is a bit of a genius. She’s great to watch onscreen, and was severely underused in both of the Thor movies. That said, this Kree/Asgardian crossover still felt a little forced. Fun but not fantastic – 8/10

The Flash will return next week.

Wednesday, 11/03

Arrow will return next week.

Thursday, 12/03


The Big Bang Theory, CBS – The Leftover Thermalization

Weak. A terrible plot that portrays the show’s leads as two of the most unlikable characters on TV at the moment, along with a grand total of zero funny moments combine to make the latest BBT episode a total chore to sit through. Must do better… – 6/10


The Blacklist, NBC – The Major

In fairness to The Blacklist, the show’s plots are sometimes so ridiculous that a clip-show may actually have been necessary to keep the viewers up-to-date. It didn’t help that gimmick got tiresome though – or that the episode itself was horribly anticlimactic – 7/10

Elementary Banner - Title

Elementary, CBS – T-Bone And The Iceman

Zero marks for mystery, top marks for side-plot. As is the common case with Elementary episodes these days. The case itself was dull, overcomplicated and seemed to drag on for an age, but a more familial storyline for Watson helped to salvage the episode – 7/10

Friday, 13/03


Saturday, 14/03


2014/15 Ranking

# Show N E R
1 Homeland SHO 12 8.8
2 Agents Of SHIELD ABC 12 8.7
3 Brooklyn Nine-Nine FOX 18 8.4
4 The Flash CW 14 8.4
5 Doctor Who BBC 13 8.4
6 Arrow CW 15 8.2
7 Agent Carter ABC 8 8.0
8 Elementary CBS 17 7.8
9 The Blacklist NBC 15 7.8
10 The Big Bang Theory CBS 18 7.5
11 Constantine NBC 13 7.5
12 Gotham FOX 18 7.4
13 The Last Man On Earth FOX 3 7.3

Key – N = Network; E = # of Episodes; R = Average Rating

Episode Of The Week: Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Captain Peralta

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