The Weekly Round-Up – 12/10-18/10

So here we are, back for another round of incessant TV-watching. This week brings a little bit more of the same: a few great episodes, a couple of disappointments and far more time spent on of my laptop than any of my university work. Ones to watch this week are the in-form Agents Of SHIELD, and FOX’s Gotham – which really needs to turn things around.


After everyone’s favourite superhero CW double act debuted last week the season finally feel like it’s kicked off once again. A promising start to The Flash suggests more good things to come, while the dramatic way Arrow ended last week left us all clambering for more. Despite SHIELD‘s surprisingly strong start, I can’t see any show challenging the Emerald Archer until Game Of Thrones rolls back around.

Anway, scroll down below to check out what I made of this week’s episodes…

Sunday, 12/10


Homeland, SHO – Shalwar Kameez

Though the consistency from its early seasons no longer remains, Homeland‘s latest episode is still as gripping, bringing back a few welcome familiar faces too – 8/10

Monday, 13/10


The Big Bang Theory, CBS – The Focus Attentuation

Possessing a plot that ranges from confusing to hilarious, both story-lines on this week Big Bang episode have their highs and low-points – 8/10


The Blacklist, NBC – Dr Linus Creel

Though perhaps a little too formulaic, The Blacklist‘s dynamic cast prevent the show from being anything less than entertaining. Megan Boone is on fire at the moment – 8/10


Gotham, FOX – Arkham

Ugh. Straying dangerously close to ‘forgettable proceedural’ territory, Gotham‘s one saving grace continues to be the excellent Robin Lord Taylor as The Penguin – 7/10

Tuesday, 14/10


Agents Of SHIELD, ABC – Face My Enemy

Able to make even the most simple of plotlines incredibly entertaining, SHIELD delivers another great episode, buoyed by some brilliant action and top acting – 9/10


The Flash, The CW – Fastest Man Alive

A great mix of heart-warming and fun, The Flash follows its great start with another good episode, featuring a remarkably vissually-impressive villain too – 8/10

Wednesday, 15/10

Arrow Banner

Arrow, The CW – Sara

Any lingering doubts from the season premiere were put to rest here. Top action pieces, great character work and an intimidating villain make this episode a hit – 9/10

Thursday, 16/10

No shows aired this week.

Friday, 17/10

No shows aired this week.

Saturday, 18/10


Doctor Who, BBC – Flatline

Another fantastic episode from the Doctor Who creative team, involving a shake-up in the Doctor/Clara dynamic and some frightening villains who deliver the thrills – 9/10

Catch-Up, N/A

I didn’t have time to watch an Under The Dome episode this week. More soon, I promise!

2014/15 Ranking

# Show N E R
1 Agents Of SHIELD ABC 4 8.8
2 Arrow CW 2 8.5
3 The Flash CW 2 8.5
4 Doctor Who BBC 9 8.3
5 The Blacklist NBC 4 8.3
6 Homeland SHO 3 8.3
7 The Big Bang Theory CBS 5 7.8
8 Gotham FOX 4 7.3
9 Under The Dome CBS 3 7.3

Key – N = Network; E = # of Episodes; R = Average Rating


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a TV Show improve as dramatically as Agents Of SHIELD has over the course of 2014. It has been truly remarkable watching the cast and crew develop the once-misfiring series into a genuinely fun and entertaining Whedon-esque classic. I honestly couldn’t speak more highly of the work being done there right now, and would hope that the likes of Gotham can use it as inspiration to improve themselves.

However, narrowly taking away SHIELD‘s title for best episode this week is Doctor Who, which is in a similar vein of form following an – albeit, much longer – rough patch. Moffat and co were consistently misfiring during Matt Smith’s tenure as The Doctor, but that all appears to be a thing of the past, after delivering yet another fantastic episode from very successful eighth season.

Best Episode: Doctor Who – Flatline


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2 Responses to The Weekly Round-Up – 12/10-18/10

  1. nkay96 says:

    I’m with you there about procrastinating and watching tv shows instead of doing uni work :p Haven’t watched this week’s Agents of Shield episode yet but I might have to now!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Minty says:

      Haha it’s all pilling up right now, and as long as there’s more tv to watch I’m not sure when I’m gonna do it! Yeah it’s another great episode, I used to be one of the show’s biggest critics – but they’ve really turned things around!

      Liked by 1 person

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