I’ve cobbled together some of the work I’m pretty proud of, including news, reviews and editorials. You can find my collected works for Comic Book Movie here.

LA LA LAND: Or ‘How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Cinema’ (Review) | Date: 20/10/16


Jeff Nichols’ Excellent MIDNIGHT SPECIAL Offers A Minimalist Take On Sci-Fi & Superheroes (Review) | Date: 10/04/16


Here’s What Those Two Untitled DC Films Really Mean For The Future Of The DCEU (Editorial) | Date: 06/04/16


JJ Abrams Says THE FORCE AWAKENS’ Lightsaber Duels Are More “Aggressive”, Less “Slick” (News) | Date: 28/11/15


Other Content

NB: Since updating the site in January, CBM has experienced a few issues with Imgur. As a result, none of the images & videos I used in my old news articles show up any more. (I promise they looked amazing. Really amazing. The best images you’ve ever seen).


Someone Mixed The CIVIL WAR Trailer With Adele’s “Hello”, Because… Why Not? | Date: 27/11/15

John Boyega: It “Doesn’t Make Sense” For The STAR WARS Movies To Be Whitewashed | Date: 11/10/15

Once Again, Robert Downey Jr. Proves That TONY STARK Has A Heart After All | Date: 24/10/15

The Casts Of AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. & AGENT CARTER Face Off In A Musical Showdown | Date: 12/07/15

Ryan Reynolds Makes A Young DEADPOOL Fan’s Dream Come True | Date: 22/05/15

  • This got over 9K shares (my most ever) because apparently people like happy stories.


The Marketing’s Been Fun, But Just How Good Can We Expect DEADPOOL To Be? | Date: 03/02/16

Are Comic Book TV Shows Being Undermined By Their Big Screen Counterparts? | Date: 04/06/15

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’s WGA Nod Shows How Strong The CBM Genre Is | Date: 07/01/15


MOONLIGHT Is A Powerful Piece Of Cinema That’s Importance Is Only Matched By Its Beauty | Date: 10/10/16

Despite Its Great Cast, THE HUNTSMAN: WINTER’S WAR Is Cursed By Vapid Storytelling | Date: 08/04/16

Fun Yet Frustrating, SPECTRE Drags Daniel Craig’s Bond Down A Very Different Path | Date: 27/10/15

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