On the back of my (minimal) success in creating two separate blogs (12 Angry MonthsThe Tiny Screen) I decided to wise-up and merge them together to create one super distinctly average blogging experience for y’all. Now you can find my latest movie reviews, TV round-ups and even my CBM editorials all in one place. That’s pretty neat right?

So yeah, these are some of the main features you’ll likely see on my lil’ old site…

Movie Reviews

12 Angry Months - 2014

My original goal was to review as many of 2014’s movies as possible. While my procrastination skills hindered my progress, I had a blast writing the actual reviews. My grand plan is to continue writing them in 2015, so look out for more up-to-date (aka ‘several months late’) movie reviews popping up on this blog soon.


Movie Reviews Banner - CBMs

My first experience of waffling on the internet was as a member of ComicBookMovie – a fantastic site with a great user community. I got involved by writing opinion pieces and top 10 lists, looking at some of the latest CBMs. I still continue to write editorials and features about this hugely popular genre – many of which you’ll see on this blog too.

The Weekly Round-Up (TV)

Weekly Round-Up Banner - Title

Last year I watched a helluva lotta TV (instead of working/exercising/making something of my life etc…). So I thought I’d put it to good use, and so I created this weekly feature, where I’ll be reviewing all some none of your favourite shows. At the moment they’re just short summaries with a quick rating, but they’re pretty fun to do.

Additionally, look out for older movie reviews of classic sci-fi/fantasy movies, as well as full season reviews of the shows covered in The Weekly Round-Up. All in all, it looks like I’ve got my hands pretty full with all this – and somehow I’m gonna have to squeeze a degree and a social life in there too…

This should be fun.


So, what do you think? Leave a Reply

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