The Weekly Round-Up – 22/03-28/03

Another week, another round of playing of catch-up (although this post isn’t quite as late as the last one…). I’m now completely up-to-date with my TV, and terribly behind schedule with my revision – got my priorities in check once again. This week was notably a little quieter than usual, as the mid-season newbies started to settle into their groove.

Arrow Banner - Season 3

One show that has begun to stick out like a sore thumb however is Arrow. Arguably my favourite series in 2013/14, Season 2 took this pioneering comic book show to new heights. This year? Not so much. Barring a few individual moments of magic, this season has been bogged down in contrived character drama and a lack of overall direction. Luckily, things may be about to change in the season’s final stretch – and there’s a Squad back in town…

Joining it’s under-performing sister show was the in-form The Flash, along with returns for Agents Of SHIELD and more…

Sunday, 22/03

Brooklyn Nine-Nine will return 03/05.

The Last Man On Earth Banner - Title

The Last Man On Earth, FOX – Dunk The SkunkSome Friggin’ Fat Guy

I have to give it to the writers, they are really nailing the twists and turns on this show. The ‘funny stuff’ on the other hand? It’s a little bit iffy. It doesn’t help that Phil has become the most unlikeable protagonist on TV. Or is that just the show’s charm? – 8/10 | 8/10

Monday, 23/03

Gotham will return 13/04.

Tuesday, 24/03

Agents Of SHIELD Banner - Title

Agents Of SHIELD, ABC – Love In The Time Of Hydra

After a breath-taking first half of a season, things appear to be stuttering a little on the AOS front. The absence of Whitehall is regrettable, while there has been a lot of table setting in recent weeks too. Hopefully this is just the calm before the storm… – 8/10


The Flash, The CW – Rogue Time

Gloriously entertaining with a few sloppy moments, The Flash still remains the in-form superhero show of 2015, so far. Wentworth Miller is so incredibly watchable as the devious Captain Cold, while the variety of Rogues on display just keeps on getting better – 8/10

Community Banner - Title

Community, YHO – Basic Crisis Room Decorum

Things aren’t quite clicking on the Community front – and a lot of the reasons behind that are out of the writers control (missing characters etc.). Yet the fact is: the show doesn’t feel like it once did. It’s still quite funny, but it’s no longer streets ahead – 8/10

Wednesday, 25/03

Arrow Banner

Arrow, The CW – Suicidal Tendencies

The return of The Suicide Squad. Arrow vs. The Atom… what’s not to like? There’s a sense of Season 2’s excitement here as the show abandons (most of) the silly drama for two solid storylines. Here’s to you Floyd, its a damn shame WB had to have you killed… – 8/10

Thursday, 26/03

The Big Bang Theory will return next week.


The Blacklist, NBC – The Longevity Initiative

At times more than a little monotonous, I’ve come to the realisation that I’m no longer interested in The Blacklist‘s weekly mysteries. But give me another hint towards the overall Red/Lizzie connection, or just more Tom Keen, and I’ll keep watching – 7/10

Elementary will return next week.

Friday, 27/03


Saturday, 28/03


2014/15 Ranking

# Show N E R
1 Homeland SHO 12 8.8
2 Agents Of SHIELD ABC 14 8.6
3 Brooklyn Nine-Nine FOX 18 8.4
4 The Flash CW 16 8.4
5 Doctor Who BBC 13 8.4
6 Arrow CW 17 8.0
7 Agent Carter ABC 8 8.0
8 Community YHO 3 8.0
9 Elementary CBS 17 7.8
10 The Blacklist NBC 17 7.8
11 The Last Man On Earth FOX 6 7.7
12 The Big Bang Theory CBS 18 7.5
13 Constantine NBC 13 7.5
14 Gotham FOX 18 7.4

Key – N = Network; E = # of Episodes; R = Average Rating

Episode Of The Week: Arrow – Suicidal Tendencies


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