Furious 7 – Review

Director: James Wan
Starring: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, Jason Statham
Release Date (US): 3rd April, 2015
Company: Universal Studios


“Thought you could leave without saying goodbye?” – Brian O’Conner

The big finale in a pseudo-trilogy of Fast & Furious features, Furious 7 concludes the story set-up in the hugely successful Fast Five and Six – with James Wan (The Conjuring) in the driving seat. Vin Diesel (Guardians Of The Galaxy) stars as Dominic Toretto, with Paul Walker (Brick Mansions) by his side for the last time, posthumously. After defeating Owen Shaw during the events of the last movie, the team find themselves hunted by Shaw’s ruthless older brother – who will stop at nothing to destroy Toretto’s family.

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The Weekly Round-Up – 22/03-28/03

Another week, another round of playing of catch-up (although this post isn’t quite as late as the last one…). I’m now completely up-to-date with my TV, and terribly behind schedule with my revision – got my priorities in check once again. This week was notably a little quieter than usual, as the mid-season newbies started to settle into their groove.

Arrow Banner - Season 3

One show that has begun to stick out like a sore thumb however is Arrow. Arguably my favourite series in 2013/14, Season 2 took this pioneering comic book show to new heights. This year? Not so much. Barring a few individual moments of magic, this season has been bogged down in contrived character drama and a lack of overall direction. Luckily, things may be about to change in the season’s final stretch – and there’s a Squad back in town…

Joining it’s under-performing sister show was the in-form The Flash, along with returns for Agents Of SHIELD and more…

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The Weekly Round-Up – 15/03-21/03

I must admit it’s been a while since I’ve posted – but those are the dangers of trying to balance real life with incessant TV watching. This time, fieldwork was to blame, and in a few weeks more exams will be back to ruin things all over again. Thus, I have finally come to the only logical conclusion: university is getting in the way of my true love: television.

Community Banner - Season 6

Babbling nonsense aside, last week was actually a pretty notable seven days in the television world. Most importantly, it marked the return of the Greendale… four? I have to admit I’ve had more than a few reservations about Yahoo’s sixth season of Community, and while I was initially overjoyed they picked it up, this past week or so has been filled with a small tingling sense of dread. It can’t be as bad as the gas leak… can it?

Elsewhere, The Blacklist hit a huge turning point in its own season, while there were also returns for both Arrow and The Flash

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The Weekly Round-Up – 08/03-14/03

Boys and girls we have a new face joining us this week. Despite my better judgement and insane workload, I’ve decided to pick up another TV show – because I’m an idiot like that. Fortunately it’s a 20-minute comedy, and will join both Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Big Bang Theory in a TV line-up that’s otherwise dominated by genre shows/dramas.


At first glance, I wasn’t too interested by The Last Man On Earth. The premise seemed rather… boring? But then I heard the brilliant Phil Lord & Chris Miller were attached and my interest was piqued. After watching the two-part pilot episode, I was less than impressed, and initially decided not to pick it up. Yet somehow I couldn’t help but watch the third episode this week. All of a sudden it’s got my attention – but can it hold it?

Check out my take on the Will Forte comedy’s first three episodes, along with returns for B99Elementary and more…

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Chappie – Review

Director: Neil Blomkamp
Starring: Sharlto Copley (v), Hugh Jackman, Dev Patel, Die Antwoord
Release Date (US): 6th March, 2015
Company: Columbia Pictures

Chappie - Pic A

“I am consciousness. I am alive. I am Chappie.” – Chappie

In his latest movie, director Neil Blomkamp (District 9) returns to his South African roots, reuniting with both Sharlto Copley (Elysium) and the sci-fi/dystopia genre. Chappie is set in the near future, where crime is patrolled by a mechanised police force of robot ‘scouts’. But when two down-on-their-luck criminals attempt to kidnap the scouts’ creator (Dev Patel, Slumdog Millionaire), the trio end up creating something far more significant: a uniquely gifted robot named ‘Chappie’, with the ability to think and feel for itself…

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The Wedding Ringer – Review

Director: Jeremy Garelick
Starring: Kevin Hart, Josh Gad, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, Olivia Thirlby
Release Date (US): 16th January, 2015
Company: Screen Gems/Miramax


“God created the world in seven days. I gotta do a whole lot more in a lot less time.” – Jimmy Callahan

Funny men Josh Gad (Frozen) and Kevin Hart (Ride Along) team-up for a new buddy comedy – about pretending to have buddies. Gad plays Doug, a wealthy guy who’s about to marry the love of his life. The only issue is: he has no friends to be his groomsmen. His unlikely saviour comes in the form of Jimmy Callahan – a professional best man who fakes friendship for cash. Together, they have to pull off the whole charade without a Hitch (*cough*) – and, in the process, start to form an unexpected budding bromance together.

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The Weekly Round-Up – 01/03-07/03

Just as Gotham starts hit a run of form, Agents Of SHIELD makes its long overdue return to overshadow everything else. The parallels between the two comic-book shows are obvious: a terrible start followed by a rapid improvement after the mid-season break. Given how far it’s come in just 1 ½ years, AOS appears to be Gotham‘s perfect role model.

Agents Of SHIELD - Season 2 - Pic A

Going into the mid-season break, AOS was pushing Homeland for the right to be called my favourite show on TV. Now it’s back, with new purpose, new players and a whole new storyline, who knows how much it can improve by. Of course, given how abruptly the mid-season plot ended, there’s always a potential for regression – but I’m hedging my bets that that won’t be the case. Especially with Marvel’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron on the horizon…

Joining Agents Of SHIELD‘s return this week included new episodes from B99 and the much-improved Gotham

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Doctor Who (Season 8) – Review

Network: BBC
Showrunner(s): Steven Moffat
Air Date (US): 23rd August, 2014 – 25th December, 2014
No. Of Episodes: 13

Doctor Who Banner - Title

Following a two-year absence from the air (specials not included), Doctor Who returned to our screens last August boasting a new lead, new stories and… well, pretty much the same of everything else. Notably however, Peter Capaldi stepped into the iconic TARDIS, taking over from Matt Smith to become the 12th Doctor so far. While the cult BBC show had previously struggled under Steven Moffat’s direction over the past few years, a fresh acting face was arguably the change it needed to re-ignite the fire in its stories once again…

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The Weekly Round-Up – 22/02-28/02

It was short, but it certainly has been sweet. Agent Carter‘s eight-episode-long run on our screens has been a strong, yet quiet, success. Marvel finally proved they can launch a TV show properly, and deliver a solid action/adventure series without relying to heavily on superheroes. Elsewhere, Hayley Atwell has been a revelation as the show’s leading lady.

Agent Carter Banner - Season 1

Say what you want about its ‘female demographic’, I firmly believe this mini-series has worked for all genders (and ages too). It’s light enough to be considered ‘fun’, and yet it touches on those serious issues and stories too – giving it that ‘dramatic edge’. As for the not-so-subtle focus on sexism, the fact is this was a terrible issue in the 40s. Yet the ‘girl power’ has never been what made this show great. It’s the cast, action, drama and twists.

Check out what I thought of Agent Carter‘s series finale below, along with new episodes for GothamArrow and more…

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Top 10 – Best Blockbusters Of 2014

The 2014 film season has finally come to a close – roughly two months later than it probably should have. For better or for worse, the Oscars have always kept us reflecting on the previous year in cinema. That is, until that Best Picture statue is given to a movie half the internetz believes isn’t worthy. And then we start the process all over again!

12 Angry Months - 2014 Banner

Unless you’re a self-professed cinephile (or an ornithologist who succumbed to misleading marketing), I’m willing to bet you normal people didn’t get the chance watch Birdman. Or Boyhood. Or Selma… And no Nightcrawler is not an X-Men spin-off. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all great movies – and deserve to be dubbed ‘the best of 2014’ – but where was the love for the films the general audience actually did watch? Cause they weren’t half bad…

Check out a list of my favourite blockbusters from last year. And then I’ll shut up about 2014 forever. I promise…?

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