January (2015)

Taken 3, 09/01/15

Taken 3 - Title

Olivier Megaton (Taken 2) continues to demolish a franchise that should only ever have existed as a single (great) movie. Liam Neeson (Non-Stop) is solid, but the story is non-existent. Make no mistake, this is nothing more than a shameless cash-grab.

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1.5 Stars

Blackhat, 16/01/15

Blackhat - Title

Michael Mann’s latest effort pales in comparison to his previous work. Overlong, tedious and mind-numbingly slow-paced, Blackhat fails as both an action thriller and a tech-based conspiracy drama. One-dimensional characters and a weak plot derail this movie.

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1.5 Stars

The Wedding Ringer, 16/01/15

The Wedding Ringer - Title

Silly, generic and yet, at times, surprisingly heart-warming. The Wedding Ringer  greatly benefits from the chemistry between its two leads: Josh Gad (Frozen) and Kevin Hart (Ride Along). Not all the gags are as funny as promised, but it does have its moments too.

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2.5 Stars

Ex Machina, 23/01/15


Alex Garland’s (28 Days Later) artificial intelligence project is thoughtful, gripping and masterfully intense – buoyed by a trio of fantastic performances from Oscar Isaac (Inside Llewyn Davis), Domhall Gleeson (About Time) and Alicia Vikander (A Royal Affair).

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4 Stars

Mortdecai, 23/01/15

Mortdecai - Title

Utterly daft and incredibly moronic, David Koepp’s Mortdecai still manages to make you chuckle through its sheer idiocy. Critics may have eviscerated it, but Johnny Depp’s (The Lone Ranger)’s leading turn is actually kind of endearing. A very guilty pleasure.

Review coming soon.

2.5 Stars

The Loft, 30/01/15

The Loft - Title

Burdened by a ridiculous plot and populated by sleazy, reprehensible characters, The Loft is never going to be considered a classic. On the plus side, the cinematography is nice, the mystery aspect keeps you guessing, and the leads try their best to redeem the rest.

Review coming soon.

2 Stars


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