The Weekly Round-Up – 01/03-07/03

Just as Gotham starts hit a run of form, Agents Of SHIELD makes its long overdue return to overshadow everything else. The parallels between the two comic-book shows are obvious: a terrible start followed by a rapid improvement after the mid-season break. Given how far it’s come in just 1 ½ years, AOS appears to be Gotham‘s perfect role model.

Agents Of SHIELD - Season 2 - Pic A

Going into the mid-season break, AOS was pushing Homeland for the right to be called my favourite show on TV. Now it’s back, with new purpose, new players and a whole new storyline, who knows how much it can improve by. Of course, given how abruptly the mid-season plot ended, there’s always a potential for regression – but I’m hedging my bets that that won’t be the case. Especially with Marvel’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron on the horizon…

Joining Agents Of SHIELD‘s return this week included new episodes from B99 and the much-improved Gotham

Sunday, 01/03

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Banner - Title

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, FOX – Boyle-Linetti Wedding

B99 continues to demonstrate exactly why it’s the funniest comedy on TV right now, with yet another hilarious twenty minutes. Peralta’s frequent angry cries of “Fung” may have taken the cake, but there were some truly great performances across the board – 9/10

Monday, 02/03


Gotham, FOX – Everyone Has A Cobblepot

After the sheer madness of last week, this episode was always going to be a bit of a step-down – but not by much, mind you. Harvey Dent suddenly seemed interesting, and Colm Feore as the Dollmaker is inspired. Gotham‘s ensemble continues to improve – 8/10

Tuesday, 03/03

Agents Of SHIELD Banner - Title

Agents Of SHIELD, ABC – Aftershocks

There’s no topping Agents Of SHIELD right now. A fantastic return delivers plenty of emotional conflict (particularly for Fitz and Skye), along with a touching final tribute to Tripp. Now that’s how you treat a dead character right! Oh, and that Teleporter… – 9/10

The Flash wil return 17/03

Wednesday, 04/03

Arrow will return 18/03

Thursday, 05/03


The Big Bang Theory, CBS – The Colonisation Application

I have to admit, parts of this had me chuckling. Particularly regarding Raj’s snooping – and Howard’s less than helpful advice about it. It was also nice to see Emily do something relevant. Sadly, the main plot was tedious. I wish there had been more of the turtle – 7/10


The Blacklist, NBC – T. Earl King VI

Let’s be clear, any plaudits can solely go to Tom Keen’s few scenes. Whether its beating up neo-nazis or offering Lizzie sage advice, that man is captivating. The rest was another average affair, with an unforgivable underuse of Jennifer Ehle’s talents – 7/10

Elementary Banner - Title

Elementary, CBS – For All You Know

Another routine episode from the Elementary team, burdened by a mystery lacking in suspense. Still, it was nice to see ‘Private Dancer’ from Scrubs again, while Sherlock’s heroin sub-plot usually delivers a few strong scenes. Not the worst, but forgettable – 7/10

Friday, 06/03


Saturday, 07/03


2014/15 Ranking

# Show N E R
1 Homeland SHO 12 8.8
2 Agents Of SHIELD ABC 11 8.7
3 Brooklyn Nine-Nine FOX 17 8.4
4 The Flash CW 14 8.4
5 Doctor Who BBC 13 8.4
6 Arrow CW 15 8.2
7 Agent Carter ABC 8 8.0
8 The Blacklist NBC 14 7.9
9 Elementary CBS 16 7.8
10 The Big Bang Theory CBS 17 7.6
11 Constantine NBC 13 7.5
12 Gotham FOX 18 7.4

Key – N = Network; E = # of Episodes; R = Average Rating

Episode Of The Week: Agents Of SHIELD – Aftershocks

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