The Weekly Round-Up – 22/02-28/02

It was short, but it certainly has been sweet. Agent Carter‘s eight-episode-long run on our screens has been a strong, yet quiet, success. Marvel finally proved they can launch a TV show properly, and deliver a solid action/adventure series without relying to heavily on superheroes. Elsewhere, Hayley Atwell has been a revelation as the show’s leading lady.

Agent Carter Banner - Season 1

Say what you want about its ‘female demographic’, I firmly believe this mini-series has worked for all genders (and ages too). It’s light enough to be considered ‘fun’, and yet it touches on those serious issues and stories too – giving it that ‘dramatic edge’. As for the not-so-subtle focus on sexism, the fact is this was a terrible issue in the 40s. Yet the ‘girl power’ has never been what made this show great. It’s the cast, action, drama and twists.

Check out what I thought of Agent Carter‘s series finale below, along with new episodes for GothamArrow and more…

Sunday, 22/02

Brooklyn Nine-Nine will return next week

Monday, 23/02


Gotham, FOX – Red Hood

Well that was eye-opening! Sorry. But Gotham really has improved since it’s mid-season break, and three solid-to-strong storylines this week further showcase it’s progress. Fish was the obvious highlight, but The Red Hood Gang were very entertaining too – 9/10

Tuesday, 24/02

Agent Carter Banner - Title

Agent Carter, ABC – Valediction

Perhaps quite not as big as we hoped, Agent Carter‘s finale was the weakest instalment in what’s been a very enjoyable ride. And yet, Marvel still concluded a great new mini-series, full of engaging characters, fast-paced wit and plenty of light-hearted fun – 7/10

The Flash will return 17/03

Wednesday, 25/02

Arrow Banner

Arrow, The CW – Nanda Parbat

When you put aside the terrible writing behind all of this contrived drama, the actual events that take place in Arrow are still pretty exciting. Highlights included watching Malcolm finally reunited with Ra’s – and (of course) Palmer’s first flight as Atom – 8/10

Thursday, 26/02


The Big Bang Theory, CBS – The Intimacy Accelaration

Hmm. Despite starting off promising, the Sheldon/Penny plot got progressively more and more cringeworthy as the episode went on. Similarly, the writers’ desire to turn Howard’s mother’s passing into one big joke grew tiresome and irritating too. Shame – 7/10


The Blacklist, NBC – The Deer Hunter

There’s a formulaic trend that’s crept into The Blacklist. Why do all the villains suddenly feel and behave the same way? It’s boring. Main plot aside, Red’s Fulcrum quest took an interesting turn, and I kinda enjoyed the increased focus on Oram’s hairline – 7/10

Elementary will return next week

Friday, 27/02


Saturday, 28/02


2014/15 Ranking

# Show N E R
1 Homeland SHO 12 8.8
2 Agents Of SHIELD ABC 10 8.7
3 The Flash CW 14 8.4
4 Doctor Who BBC 13 8.4
5 Brooklyn Nine-Nine FOX 16 8.3
6 Arrow CW 15 8.2
7 Agent Carter ABC 8 8.0
8 Elementary CBS 15 7.9
9 The Blacklist NBC 13 7.9
10 The Big Bang Theory CBS 16 7.6
11 Constantine NBC 13 7.5
12 Gotham FOX 17 7.4

Key – N = Network; E = # of Episodes; R = Average Rating

Episode Of The Week: Gotham – Red Hood


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