The Weekly Round-Up – 15/02-21/02

Blame Elementary. I’d watched every episode I needed to last week – except for CBS’s Sherlock Holmes procedural. It’s not as if I’m not enjoying the show either – I think I just didn’t have enough time… Either way, The Weekly Round-Up is here now, and you all know who to blame for why it’s so late. Just to clarify: It’s not me. It’s Johnny Lee Miller.

The Big Bang Theory Banner - Season 8

I had intended to talk about the other CBS show I watch this week. Though I haven’t ranted about it for a while, The Big Bang Theory has quickly plummeted towards the lower echelon of my weekly TV shows this year. Bad stories, bad jokes, and a bad haircut rank chief amongst it’s many recent misdemeanours. That said, the show appears to be back on a little bit of a run as of late. I’m not expecting much – but there may yet be hope.

Joining TBBT and Elementary this last week was a pair of impressive returns for The CW’s superhero duo, and more…

Sunday, 15/02

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Banner - Title

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, FOX – The Wednesday Incident

While not as entertaining as last week, this episode still delivers on the Peralta/Holt front. In fact, it simply serves as further evidence that Andre Braugher is one of the best comedic actors on television at the moment. The Boyle/old man rivalry was little weak – 8/10

Monday, 16/02


Gotham, FOX – The Blind Fortune Teller

There are still so many things wrong with this show. The writing, the procedural elements, (at times) the acting – but there are a fair few positives too. Zsasz, Penguin and (dare I say it) Fish make for great villains, while young Joker was shockingly impressive – 8/10

Tuesday, 17/02

Agent Carter Banner - Title

Agent Carter, ABC – Snafu

I wouldn’t go so far as to call this a ‘bad’ episode – just a tad disappointing. There were a few incredibly strong moments. Dottie was a total badass, while the Chief’s exit was emotional – but the rest felt a little uneventful. Next week should be corker though – 8/10


The Flash, The CW – Fallout

The Firestorm plot hits an all-time high point for the season so far, as Ronnie Raymond and Professor Stein take centre stage. It’s a thrilling episode, also featuring the return of Wade Eiling, a huge climatic reveal and the best post-credits stinger of the year – 9/10

Wednesday, 18/02

Arrow Banner

Arrow, The CW – The Return

Hands down the best episode since The Magician – and a contender for ‘episode of the season’. Arrow‘s focus back on Season 1 & 2 plot-points in this wonderfully subversive episode ends up being its saviour. I’m back in! And who doesn’t love Slade? – 9/10

Thursday, 19/02


The Big Bang Theory, CBS – The Comic Book Store Regeneration

In those rare moments The Big Bang Theory decides to display real emotion, it does it remarkably well. It’s such a shame then, that it chooses to spend far more of its time on crude, unfunny teasing. This, however, was a fitting send-off for Mrs Wolowitz – 8/10


The Blacklist, NBC – The Kenyon Family

Step aside Lizzie, Red and Glen make for the most entertaining pairing this show has ever seen. The Blacklist once again gets by on the sheer talent of its lead star, but now, it seems, he has someone to match him. This week’s FBI plot was fine, but nothing special – 8/10

Elementary Banner - Title

Elementary, CBS – When Your Number’s Up

Less of a ‘whodunit’, and more of a ‘why’ this week in a nice departure from the norm. Alicia Witt made for an engaging villain, while the story managed to hold my attention throughout. Didn’t care much for the Watson/Holmes moving-in drama though – 8/10

Friday, 20/02


Saturday, 21/02


2014/15 Ranking

# Show N E R
1 Homeland SHO 12 8.8
2 Agents Of SHIELD ABC 10 8.7
3 The Flash CW 14 8.4
4 Doctor Who BBC 13 8.4
5 Brooklyn Nine-Nine FOX 16 8.3
6 Arrow CW 14 8.2
7 Agent Carter ABC 7 8.1
8 The Blacklist NBC 12 8.0
9 Elementary CBS 15 7.9
10 The Big Bang Theory CBS 15 7.7
11 Constantine NBC 13 7.5
12 Gotham FOX 16 7.3

Key – N = Network; E = # of Episodes; R = Average Rating

Episode Of The Week: The Flash – Fallout

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