Music Moments #2 – “She Will Be Loved” – One Tree Hill

TV Show: One Tree Hill
Episode: “Life In A Glass House”
Code: Season 1, Episode 7
Network: The WB


“I’ve wanted this for so long…” – Lucas Scott
“Me too. And now we can have it.” – Peyton Sawyer

In this second instalment of this keraaazy new feature I’m running (I promise I’ll stop saying ‘keraaazy’ after this…) I turn one of my even bigger guilty pleasures of my teenage years. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m a One Tree Hill fan. No… wait… please come back! Look I know it was a tad overdramatic, and some of the storylines were ridiculous – but I can’t help but look back with fond memories on a show that always got me in the feels…

Throughout it’s nine season run, the show became synonymous with some of the great artists and musicians they featured. Here’s one of the best…

The Scene

Lucas & Peyton never had the most smooth-sailing of relationships. In fact, they arguably shared more bullshit drama than any other couple (well… except maybe Lucas & Brooke). But back in Season 1, there was something insanely likeable about the pair: the poetic outsider with a crush on the popular detached cheerleader. Everyone loves a good underdog story, and, for a short while, Lucas & Peyton were just that.

The duo had instant chemistry – it was pretty clear they were going to end up together from the Pilot. After plenty of build-up, they finally hooked-up in episode 7. Story over right? Nope. The OTH writing staff needed at least six seasons of milking this bad boy! In their defence, they executed this particular hiccup to perfection. So much so, that it was actually kinda heartbreaking watching Lucas screw it all up – and Peyton making it worse by reacting to what he said (how dare he say he actually likes her!).

The Soundtrack


“I drove for miles and miles and wound up at your door…” – Maroon 5

Like many moments in Tree Hill folklore, it was the song that made this scene. Show runner Mark Schwahn sure knew how to pick ’em! Even if you haven’t watched the series before, most of you will be familiar with this particular tune. Maroon 5 and Adam Levine may have gone on to make a huge name for themselves – but the bulk of their current mainstream success originated from their terrific debut album: Songs About Jane.

Headlining that album was an instant romantic classic. “She Will Be Loved” has been used in plenty of rom-coms and teen dramas over the years, but I’ve never found it more suited to a particular character than Peyton Sawyer and her actions here. Call me a sucker, and however contrived it may have been, the disappointment of watching good-guy Luke miss out with the girl of his dreams was like a big, emotional gut punch. It was all made so much more memorable by the sound Levine’s tortured crooning in the background.

Well there you have it! I’m a sucker who loved still loves teen dramas about impossibly attractive people! It my defence it was meant to be about basketball! See: much sport, very manly! I’m sure y’all know who Maroon 5 are, but you can check out that album here!

Watch The Full Scene Below:


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