The Weekly Round-Up – 07/12-13/12

I’ve always felt like the American TV Calendar understands me. Right when I need to start revising for my uni exams, all the shows I watch take a convenient month long break. It’s as if the producers of Arrow and Agents Of SHIELD really care about how I do. Therefore, this week we wave goodbye to as many as 5 shows as they reach their winter breaks.

Agents Of SHIELD Banner - Season 2

But of course, with every mid-season break, there has to be a mid-season finale episode, and, from the looks of it, there are some real corkers lined-up here. While the Arrow writing team have saved some of their best episodes for this occasion in the past, the Agents Of SHIELD finale has to be my most anticipated. Sadly, the latter is going on a much longer break. This’ll be the last time we’ll see Coulson & co until March… 😦

Also departing this week are The FlashThe Big Bang Theory and the ever enigmatic Constantine

Sunday, 07/12


Homeland, SHO – 13 Hours In Islamabad

The best show on TV right now just keeps on getting better. Homeland embraces the action-packed 24 model with another thrilling 50-minutes. There’s not a dull moment in sight, as the episode delivers on its huge potential. Quinn is on fire! – 10/10

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Banner - Title

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, FOX – The Pontiac Bandit Returns

All three sub-plots work a treat this week, but it’s the return of Craig Robinson as Doug Judy (aka ‘The Pontiac Bandit’) helps elevate this festive episode. Robinson has great chemistry with both Samberg and Beatriz, who are both at their very best here – 9/10

Monday, 08/12

The Blacklist is on it’s winter break.

Gotham is on it’s winter break.

Tuesday, 09/12


Agents Of SHIELD, ABC – What They Become

A fantastic half-season’s worth of build-up all led to this moment, and at first it was… a little disappointing? Rest assured, this mid-season finale still managed to turn things around with a few big juicy reveals and one hell of an emotional ending – 9/10

Agents Of SHIELD will return March 3rd, 2015


The Flash, The CW – The Man In The Yellow Suit

Is this the best mid-season finale of the year? It’s a tough act to beat, that’s for sure. All the main cast and characters are on top-form, while the Reverse-Flash is as frightening and enigmatic as promised. Firestorm still managed to steal the show though! – 9/10

The Flash will return January 20th, 2015

Wednesday, 10/12

Arrow Banner

Arrow, The CW – The Climb

The core of this mid-season finale is inconsistent and, at times, incredibly jumbled, and while the shocking climax is thrilling, it still doesn’t paper over the cracks Arrow has started to display this season. Brandon Routh continues to shine though – 8/10

Arrow will return January 21st, 2015

Thursday, 11/12


The Big Bang Theory, CBS – The Clean Room

I dunno what it is, but I just don’t find The Big Bang Theory funny anymore. Sure it gets one or two chuckles out of me, but for the most part the jokes are either eye-rolling, recycled or just mean. This Christmas episode did have a little heart though – 7/10

The Big Bang Theory will return 8th January, 2015

Elementary Banner - Title

Elementary, CBS – The Adventure Of The Nutmeg Concoction

The humour and interesting character interactions are still ever-present, but there’s an increasing sense that Elementary has started to run its cause with each episode. Unless the writers can find some noteworthy tales to tell, this show has lost its intrigue – 7/10

Friday, 12/12

Constantine Banner - Title

Constantine, NBC – The Saint Of Last Resorts – Part 1

After a poor run of weaker episodes, Constantine gets things back on track.. This solid mid-season finale expertly showcases the show’s proficiency in both horror and dramatic aspects, but also exposes where it’s truly lacking in: a cohesive over-arching story – 8/10

Constantine will return 9th January, 2015

Saturday, 13/12

No shows aired this week.

2014/15 Ranking

# Show N E R
1 Homeland SHO 10 9.0
2 Agents Of SHIELD ABC 10 8.7
3 The Flash CW 9 8.6
4 Arrow CW 9 8.4
5 Doctor Who BBC 12 8.3
6 Brooklyn Nine-Nine FOX 10 8.3
7 The Blacklist NBC 8 8.0
8 Constantine NBC 8 7.8
9 Elementary CBS 6 7.7
10 The Big Bang Theory CBS 11 7.6
11 Gotham FOX 10 7.3
12 Under The Dome CBS 3 7.3

Key – N = Network; E = # of Episodes; R = Average Rating

Episode Of The Week: Homeland – 13 Hours In Islamabad

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