The Weekly Round-Up – 23/11-29/11

Just under four months ago, Gotham began its highly anticipated freshman season, bursting with unlimited potential. This week, the show reaches its mid-season finale with more of a whimper than a bang. Sure the ratings are great, but the quality is absent, while the mishandling of Batman’s beloved rogues on a weekly basis has been a grating ordeal.

Gotham Banner - Season 1

Of course, there is time for the show to grow, but that’ll most likely have to wait until January, when it returns. Barely any other shows air this week, with many also preparing for their winter hibernation period. One series that is airing this week is Constantine – the first season of which has notably just been cut down to 13-episodes. Is this an ominous sign? Something tells me this cult-fave show in the making has precious little time left.

Also gracing us are new episodes from HomelandThe Flash and Elementary. Read on to find out how they did…

Sunday, 23/11


Homeland, SHO – There’s Something Else Going On

It’s truly quite remarkable, the form this show is in at the moment. Despite being written off by everyone as ‘past its peak’, the last four episodes of Homeland have been Season 1 quality. This was a slow burn piece that built towards a shocking finale – 10/10

Monday, 24/11


Gotham, FOX – LoveCraft

Arguably one of the better episodes of Gotham, although that’s not saying much, this mid-season finale is fast-paced and cohesive – but never interesting. The show’s lost all of its intrigue, and this week’s forgettable story was further evidence of that – 7/10

Tuesday, 25/11

Agents Of SHIELD did not air this week.


The Flash, The CW – Power Outage

Definitely The Flash‘s strongest episode since the pilot, and arguably its best so far. While the power loss ploy was as overplayed as ever, the triple threat of Blackout, Tony and the excellent Clock King made this episode a winner. Wells was also on top form – 9/10

Wednesday, 26/11

Arrow did not air this week.

Thursday, 27/11

The Big Bang Theory did not air this week.

Elementary Banner - Title

Elementary, CBS – Rip Off

A fascinating turn from Ophelia Lovibond saves this week’s episode from its dull and (at times) downright implausible mystery. Kitty and Gregson combine well to make up for Watson’s absence, but the rest of the episode is pretty disappointing – 7/10

Friday, 28/11

Constantine Banner - Title

Constantine, NBC – Rage Of Caliban

A forgettable mystery holds this week’s episode back, perhaps suggesting that a 13-episode season isn’t the worst idea at all. It was nice see Chas get a bigger role in Zed’s absence, and if the story lines can match the scares, this show will be on to a winner – 7/10

Saturday, 29/11

No shows aired this week.

Catch-Up, N/A

Welcome to the 99! Having just caught up on Season 1 of the surprisingly great Brooklyn Nine-Nine, I’ve decided to pick it up for my roster of shows this year – and over the next few weeks will try to catch-up to the show’s most up-to-date episodes…

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Banner - Title

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, FOX – UndercoverChocolate Milk

Season 2 stars with a bang and a particularly good premiere that retains both the momentum and hilarity of the back-end of Season 1. Undercover uses Peralta at his best, and while Chocolate Milk is a little more muted, it’s still a great return – 9/108/10

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, FOX – The Jimmy Jab Games | Halloween II

Is it possible to have a bad episode of B99? Not yet, but Jimmy Jab was still a little lacking. Far more impressive however was the Halloween sequel, which again started slow, but built to one of the best conclusions I’ve ever seen. Fantastic – 7/109/10

2014/15 Ranking

# Show N E R
1 Homeland SHO 9 8.9
2 Agents Of SHIELD ABC 8 8.8
3 The Flash CW 7 8.4
4 Doctor Who BBC 12 8.3
5 Arrow CW 7 8.3
6 Brooklyn Nine-Nine FOX 4 8.3
7 The Blacklist NBC 8 8.0
8 Elementary CBS 5 8.0
9 Constantine NBC 6 7.8
10 The Big Bang Theory CBS 10 7.7
11 Under The Dome CBS 3 7.3
12 Gotham FOX 10 7.1

Key – N = Network; E = # of Episodes; R = Average Rating

Episode Of The Week: Homeland – There’s Something Else Going On


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