Music Moments #1 – “Everything” – Smallville

TV Show: Smallville
Episode: “Pilot”
Code: Season 1, Episode 1
Network: The WB

Smallville Banner - Season 1

“Thanks for the dance, Lana.” – Clark Kent

So welcome to this keraaazy new feature. Actually, it’s not quite as “keraaazy” as I’m billing it, but it’s still a lotta fun. One of my favourite things about television (and film) is its heart. A lot of that comes from the use of music, and its ability to elevate a scene’s emotional impact. Smallville‘s always been a show close to my heart – with a particularly excellent history of memorable music moments over its ten season run.

Introducing us to a young, naive high school Clark Kent – more focused on getting the girl than saving the world – its Pilot made for some very fond memories indeed….

The Scene

It’s no secret that Clark Kent, spent a good 70% of the show pining after Lana Lang. While it eventually got pretty tiresome, there was a time when it actually was kinda… sweet? Fresh from kicking the bad guy’s ass and taking no credit, Clark sits alone in his barn. His thoughts are interrupted by the arrival of one Lana Lang – a girl he’s had a crush on for as long as he can remember, offering him that dance he’s always dreamed of.

Of course, that’s what it’s all later revealed to be: just a dream, but it doesn’t stop their brief moment together from mattering. Indeed, the reveal tugs at the heartstrings, and you find yourself feeling for poor old Clark. Through moments like this, Smallville humanised Superman – in a way that no other adaptation has managed to do (including Man Of Steel) – and made him a character that people could relate to.

The Soundtrack

Music Moments - Lifehouse - No Name Face

“And how can I stand here with you, and not be moved by you?” – Lifehouse

I’ve come to think of Lifehouse as a band that’s analogous with Smallville. The show’s frequent and effective use of the alternative rock band’s back catalogue of music drove me to discover their fantastic work – and for that I am truly grateful. While they would eventually go on to guest appear in a Season 3 episode (Spirit), this is probably the best use of their music in any one scene.

With regards to the song itself, many out there have interpreted it in a religious sense. While that may be its original meaning, in this scene it’s most definitely used to romantic effect – and works a treat too. It’s powerful, emotional and heart-breaking – starting slow and building towards a euphoric chorus. Al Gough and Miles Millar crafted some great music moments, but this may be the pick of the bunch.

Thanks for reading! If there are any fans of Smallville or Lifehouse out there I’d love to hear from you in the comments. Alternatively, if you’re new to the band, you can find the song here – and check out their excellent debut album: No Name Face.

Watch The Full Scene Below:

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