The Weekly Round-Up – 09/11-15/11

With Doctor Who already long-gone, we wave goodbye to another favourite this week in The Blacklist, which goes on hiatus until February. Despite an incredibly promising start and a few great moments, there’s an argument the show hasn’t kicked on from Season 1 quite as much as it could have – here’s hoping for another big mid-season finale.


Last week’s Homeland really caused quite a stir, with many (myself included) noting it as one of the show’s best episodes in recent years. So far, Season 4 has been inconsistent, so it’ll be interesting to see if the writers can sustain the momentum it generated. Elsewhere, both Agents Of SHIELD and The Flash make welcome returns after a one-week break.

So read on to check out my take on this week’s batch of TV, including new episodes from ArrowConstantineGotham and more!

Sunday, 09/11


Homeland, SHO – Redux

I’m not really sure what to make of this. On the one hand its mind-bendingly trippy, on the other it’s completely ludicrous. Someone just give Claire Danes a fucking Emmy – 9/10

Monday, 10/11


The Blacklist, NBC – The Decembrist

It’s jumbled and, at times, a little too much, but returns for Peter Stormare and Alan Alda, alongside another great Spader turn, ensure the entertainment factor is there – 8/10


Gotham, FOX – The Mask

After showing so much promise last week, Gotham slips back into bad habits, delivering a terrible adaptation of The Black Mask, and handing Ed & Fish more screen time – 6/10

Tuesday, 11/11


Agents Of SHIELD, ABC – The Writing On The Wall

The show wraps up its often dragged out ‘Tahiti’ mystery with a compelling conclusion, featuring Clark Gregg at his best. Elsewhere, Ward is looking very dangerous – 9/10


The Flash, The CW – Plastique

The Flash continues its impressive streak with DC Comics characters, debuting both Plastique and General Eiling in this week’s interesting if unspectacular episode – 8/10

Wednesday, 12/11

Arrow Banner

Arrow, The CW – Guilty

Easily Season 3’s weakest episode thus far, Guilty amounts to a lot of build-up and not enough pay-off. Roy and Oliver share some great character moments though – 8/10

Thursday, 13/11


The Big Bang Theory, CBS – The Septum Deviation

It’s not bad, but it’s nothing special either. The A-Plot focusing on Leonard’s operation is overdone. Only Bernadette stands out here, with some excellent muffin puns – 7/10

Elementary Banner - Title

Elementary, CBS – Just A Regular Irregular

A fantastically engaging maths-based mystery of the week elevate the latest episode of Elementary above most others. Sherlock and Watson are brilliant – 9/10

Friday, 14/11

Constantine Banner - Title

Constantine, NBC – A Feast Of Friends

Gory, brutal and incredibly trippy, Constantine performs a remarkable feat in turning an initially dull episode into one of this week’s most exciting and emotional affairs! – 9/10

Saturday, 15/11

No more Doctor Who! *sobs*

2014/15 Ranking

# Show N E R
1 Homeland SHO 7 8.7
2 Agents Of SHIELD ABC 7 8.7
3 Arrow CW 6 8.5
4 The Flash CW 5 8.4
5 Doctor Who BBC 12 8.3
6 The Blacklist NBC 8 8.0
7 Constantine NBC 4 8.0
8 Elementary CBS 3 8.0
9 The Big Bang Theory CBS 9 7.7
10 Under The Dome CBS 3 7.3
11 Gotham FOX 8 7.1

Key – N = Network; E = # of Episodes; R = Average Rating


In true Blacklist style, the NBC show went out with a bang that provided ten times more questions than conclusions, but the Berlin and Fitch plots were wrapped up quite effectively. Elsewhere, great performances from The Flash and, in particular, Agents Of SHIELD on their returns helped this, of course, but the surprise hit, yet again, was NBC’s Constantine – turning in a second successive corker of an episode.

More disappointing, however, was Arrow, which proved it wasn’t invincible this week with a perfectly adequate, albeit disappointing episode. On the flip-side, Homeland continued its excellent form with another great episode. Last week’s twist was shocking enough as it is, but it seems there’s no holding back with this show. However, the undisputed ‘winner’ of the week had to Elementary, which delivered one of its best mysteries in ages.

Best Episode: Elementary – Just A Regular Irregular

The Blacklist Season 2 will resume February 5th, 2015…


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