The Weekly Round-Up – 19/10-25/10

As noted in this week’s Superhero Show-Down, we kick this week off with the exciting arrival of Constantine to our screens, over on NBC. The series sees Matt Ryan step into the titular role made popular in DC’s Hellblazer series. While I don’t see it being a ground-breaking achievement, it has a lot of potential to be an entertaining guilty pleasure.


Elsewhere Agents Of SHIELD and Doctor Who having been riding high as of late, with both shows registering another ‘9/10’ episode last week. While pretty uncharacteristic of either, this recent good form has been a joy to watch so far. The former grabs the headlines this week for the impending arrival of ‘Mockingbird’ – a popular Marvel hero who could be a great addition to the cast, if handled correctly. Meanwhile, Gotham just needs a win.

Check out what I thought of the latest episodes from the shows above, and many more…

Sunday, 19/10


Homeland, SHO – Iron In The Fire

Oh Homeland. It was, for the most part, another gripping episode, with Nazanin Boniadi standing out in particular. But that last scene… I’m so conflicted! – 8/10

Monday, 20/10


The Big Bang Theory, CBS – The Expedition Approximation

The story’s not quite there yet, but at least the jokes were at times. It’s another classic case of all laughs and zero content for The Big Bang Theory – 7/10


The Blacklist, NBC – The Front

Burdened by a perhaps altogether ‘too topical’ disease plot, this week’s The Blacklist is saved by good performances from Spader, Boone & Arison – 7/10


Gotham, FOX – Viper

It’s still by no means living up to the standard it should have been, but an okay plot and some genuinely great Harvey/Gordon moments made this an improvement –  7/10

Tuesday, 21/10


Agents Of SHIELD, ABC – A Hen In The Wolf’s Den

Featuring even more on the twists, action and Simmons fronts, this episode also delivered standout performances from Adrianne Palicki and Kyle Maclachlan – 9/10


The Flash, The CW – Things You Can’t Outrun

Three episodes in, The Flash remains as likeable as ever as we get to know some of its supporting cast, but is still suffering a little in the originality department –  8/10

Wednesday, 22/10

Arrow Banner

Arrow, The CW – Corto Maltese

Bringing back fond memories of some of the other Diggle-centric episodes in the show’s history, Corto Maltese ranks as both the best and funniest episode of the season – 9/10

Thursday, 23/10

No shows aired this week.

Friday, 24/10

Constantine Banner - Title

Constantine, NBC – Non Est Asylum

The series opener delivers the spooks, wit and a charming leading man, but only time will tell if Constantine has the longevity to become a great show – 8/10

Saturday, 25/10


Doctor Who, BBC – In The Forest Of The Night

Magic f***ing trees?! A forced theme and an incredibly awful story undermine the beautiful visuals and some good performances from both kids and adults alike – 6/10

Catch-Up, N/A

Once again, I didn’t watch an Under The Dome episode. I’ll just binge it all soon!

2014/15 Ranking

# Show N E R
1 Agents Of SHIELD ABC 5 8.8
2 Arrow CW 3 8.7
3 Homeland SHO 4 8.3
4 The Flash CW 3 8.3
5 Doctor Who BBC 10 8.1
6 The Blacklist NBC 5 8.0
7 Constantine NBC 1 8.0
8 The Big Bang Theory CBS 6 7.7
9 Under The Dome CBS 3 7.3
10 Gotham FOX 5 7.2

Key – N = Network; E = # of Episodes; R = Average Rating


‘It’s not outstanding, but it’s still pretty great’ – that would be an accurate conclusion to take away from Constantine‘s series premiere. While I never had the greatest of expectations, I liked a lot of what I saw – and the early issues appear to have already been addressed by next episode. It was also nice to see Gotham turn in a worthwhile episode – although I’m still yet to be convinced about it’s long-term quality.

Making far more encouraging waves were the Agents Of SHIELD team, yet again. I’m getting pretty tired of singing their praises! The introduction of Mockingbird was fantastic though, and it hopefully signals a new era of involvement of comic-book characters – thus following in the footsteps of Arrow and The Flash (both of which were great too). The one disappointment lay with Doctor Who. I still can’t get over how stupid that story was…

Best Episode: Agents Of SHEILD – A Hen In The Wolf’s Den


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