Editorial – 5 Out Of Left Field Comic Book Movies You Should Be Excited For

To quote The Matrix‘s Tank: “It’s a very exciting time” in the world of superhero movies and television. There are no less than 5 comic-book shows on network TV right now, while Age Of Ultron, Batman Vs Superman and How Avi Arad Ruined The Spider-Man Franchise 3 are just a few of the big name films hitting cinemas over the next few of years.


Thanks to the recent DC/WB reveal, there are almost too many properties floating around – and it’s easy to lose track of a few. I know I have: it was only this morning that I remembered The Fantastic Four reboot was still a thing. So I got to wondering, why should the ‘mainstream movies’ grab all of the attention? Why don’t I try and be the first CBM hipster? Cause everybody loves hipsters… right? Oh. Okay…

Here are a few CBMs that may not have the same fan-following as some of the big boys – but definitely have the potential to be just as great!

5) X-Factor Investigations, 20th Century Fox (TV) – TBD


The Other Guys.

Okay, okay… this one might be a bit of a cheat – but I just couldn’t bring myself to leave it out! Since it first debuted, both fans and critics alike have praised Peter David’s unique rebranding/spin-off. Focusing around a mutant detective agency run by former villain Jamie Madrox, the comic-run has pitted together the likes of Quicksilver, Havok, Wolfsbane and the ever-entertaining Layla Miller to unexpectedly entertaining results. Don’t be put off by the lack of star power here folks – this is something special.

While the project remains firmly in the ‘rumour’ category for now, FOX’s recent success with both X-Men: Days Of Future Past and Gotham may lead to this show getting the green light pretty soon.

4) Shazam, DC/Warner Bros – 5th April, 2019


Not Superman.

Shifting to the world of movies now, with one of the recently announced DC slate. While the decision to change Billy Batson’s superhero identity from ‘Captain Marvel’ to ‘Shazam’ was understandable, I still found myself struggling to take the hero seriously. That was, until I read Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s magnificent mini-series, which updated the mythos for a new generation, making the kid-turned-superhero protagonist both unique and relatable. Add ‘The Rock’ into the equation as a perfectly casted Black Adam, and you’re looking at a potential surprise hit right here.

While it has been ‘in development’ for some time now, Shazam has yet to find a director or lead. Don’t hope for much more news anytime soon though – the movie’s forecast for an early April, 2019 release!

3) The Inhumans, Marvel Studios – TBD


A Royal Affair.

If anyone can turn an unknown property into a hit, it’s Marvel Studios. Guardians Of The Galaxy proved that, as it ‘rocketed’ (geddit?) to box-office stardom this summer despite featuring a raccoon and a tree as two of its principal characters. The Inhumans will likely aim to build on Marvel’s burgeoning cosmic universe. While characters like Black Bolt, Medusa and Crystal make for some great material, I can’t help but hope the Terrigan Mists come into play as well. I’d love to see the likes of Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and maybe even a few more ‘miracles’ (like ‘Dante’, see above) feature in some way.

While Marvel has yet to announce it’s Phase 3 line-up yet, it’s likely The Inhumans is on its way sooner rather than later, with Vin Diesel rumoured to be attached to the project as Black Bolt.

2) The Suicide Squad, DC/Warner Bros – 5th August, 2016


Get Ready To Root For The Bad Guys.

I love The Suicide Squad. Until very recently, this would have been right at the top of my list. However, a recent ‘El Mayimbe’ scoop about the squad’s line-up has left me feeling a little disheartened. The team’s greatest asset has always been their criminal nature – and the very human way they get things done. No heroes, very little powers – just a bunch of physically tough and mentally questionable people endangering their lives to cut down their jail time. Whether they include Amanda Waller, Deadshot, Rick Flag or (more recently), Harley Quinn – this lot put the ‘bad’ into badass.

WB are pulling out all the stops with this one. After tapping David Ayer (Fury) to direct, they have since approached A-List talents such as Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Tom Hardy to star – all in-view of an August, 2016 release.

1) Deadpool, 20th Century Fox – Release Date: Feb 12th, 2016


Breaking Down The Fourth Wall, Brick-By-Brick.

Who else, if not the Merc-With-A-Mouth himself? Easily the most recognisable name on this list, a Deadpool movie is something we’ve all been looking forward to for a very long time now. Regardless of the PG-13/R-Rated debate, the one thing that is essential about this movie is finding the right tone, and balancing all the violence, expletives, black humour and fourth wall breaking correctly. Ryan Reynolds is the perfect man for the job, having been the only highlight of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, while Zombieland writers Rhett Rheese & Paul Wernick look up to the task of adapting this insanity.

In one of the best news stories of the year, Deadpool will now officially be released in cinemas on February 12th, 2016 – just in time for you to ruin your partner’s Valentine’s Day.

Well that’s it folks? What do you guys think? Are you looking forward to seeing these movies/shows as much as you are Avengers: Age Of Ultron – or could you not care less? Lemme know in the comments below!

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