The Lego Movie – Review

Director(s): Phil Lord, Chris Miller
Starring: Chris Pratt (v), Elizabeth Banks (v), Will Ferrell (v), Morgan Freeman (v)
Release Date (US): 7th February, 2014
Company: Warner Bros

The Lego Movie - Pic A

“Great. I think I got it. But just in case… tell me the whole thing again, I wasn’t listening.” – Emmet

 The Lego Movie reunites the increasingly impressive filmmaking duo of Phil Lord & Chris Miller (21 Jump StreetCloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs) for a fun-filled family adventure that’s guaranteed to get both parents and kids laughing out loud. Starring the vocal talents of Chris Pratt (Parks & Recreation), the film centres around the extremely ordinary Emmet, who teams up with the likes of Morgan Freeman and Batman to become a ‘Master Builder’ and save LEGO World. Oh, and did I mention it’s absolutely hilarious?

The Story

From the very beginning of this movie it’s easy to realise that you, as the viewer, are in for a treat. While the core concept involving a prophecy, an unlikely hero and a megalomaniac are all fairly routine, it is the execution that is unique. Full of tongue-in-cheek wit coupled with a story containing genuine heart and emotion, the plot is a joy to sit through – yet it’s also ultimately very poignant, and contains a lot more substance beneath its colourful and flashy exterior.

It’s clear throughout that the writing team of Lord, Miller, Dan & Kevin Hageman (Hotel Transyvania) had an absolute blast when putting together this script – focusing all of their efforts on one simple objective – making the movie fun. It’s safe to say they succeeded, thanks, in part, to some extremely likeable and well-written animated protagonists and fast-paced wit that ensures the laughter never stops.

The Characters

The Lego Movie - Pic B

“Introducing the double decker couch! So everyone could watch TV together and be buddies!” – Emmet
“That’s literally the dumbest thing I ever heard.” – Wyldstyle

Words cannot describe how likeable Chris Pratt is as Emmet here. The future Guardians Of The Galaxy star steals the show with his lovably oblivious lead character, who lives by a wonderful daily motto that “everything is awesome”. Elsewhere, Elizabeth Banks (The Hunger Games) and Morgan Freeman (The Dark Knight) provide a much-needed counter-balance to Pratt’s antics, while Will Arnett (Arrested Development) is great as  none other than ‘Batman’ himself.

The rest of the supporting voice cast is equally spectacular. While Will Ferrell (Anchorman) is as entertaining as ever as the maniacal President Business, it is Liam Neeson (Taken) who steals his thunder with his wonderfully bi-polar Good Cop/Bad Cop double act. Charlie Day (Horrible Bosses) and Alison Brie (Community) are the highlights of an astoundingly funny selection of celebrity cameo voice parts as well.

Direction & Tone

Dynamic duo Phil Lord & Chris Miller appear to be in unstoppable form, but this movie represents their greatest achievement yet. Thanks to a fantastic cast of characters, and wonderfully imaginative sets and art-direction, their vision is played out perfectly onscreen. The animation is top-notch, while the creativity involved throughout the world-building experience is incredible. Finally, a thoughtful third act twist helps ensure the heart is also there, in amongst all the laughter and adventure.

Stray Observations

  • While I have been outrageously positive about this project, it’s ultimately ended up being one giant product placement stunt for the Lego Group – masquerading as a feature-length movie. And it’s still awesome.
  • “I only work in black and sometimes very, very dark grey.” – seriously, Will Arnett’s wonderfully grumpy/hipster Batman just made Batfleck’s job even harder in 2016.
  • After watching this movie, and getting into Parks & Recreation recently, I’ve decided Chris Pratt might just be my favourite person on the planet right now.
  • Honestly though, can Lord & Miller do no wrong?! From a one hit animated comedy about meatballs, to another about yellow brick people, and sandwiched between those movies is a successful reboot of an 80s property. It’s almost as if they’re too talented…
  • “He’s coming, cover your butts.” – as far as first lines in family movies go, that’s a corker. Bet the MPAA loved that.

The Verdict

It may have only been released in early February, but The Lego Movie is a strong contender for my favourite movie of the year. Full of hilarious gags and charming main characters, this is truly one of the funniest animated movies we’ve seen in years.

4.5 Stars - Excellent

Result: “Excellent”

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