The Weekly Round-Up – 05/10-11/10

So I’ve decided to change the structure of these pieces a little. While I won’t be doing full episode reviews, I’ll still add my thoughts, as well as a rating for the week. Additionally, look out for a new Superhero Show-Down feature I plan on doing in the coming weeks, looking at all five of the comic-book TV Shows at greater depth – should be a blast!


Speaking of supeheroes, this week saw the arrival of the two most talked about TV heroes – The Flash and Arrow. And with it, huge expectations going into Tuesday and Wednesday night. Can the Arrow creative team deliver the goods once again? My bet it yes. Also returning is Showtime’s Homeland, in the midst of big transition period. Only time will tell if this shake-up will reignite the show, or change it for the worse.

Anyway, scroll down to see what I thought of this week’s batch of episodes…

Sunday, 05/10


Homeland, SHO – The Drone Queen

Despite getting off a slow start, Homeland manages to deliver the goods with this dark season premiere – full of political back-stabbing and feral lynch mobs – 9/10


Homeland, SHO – Trylon And Perisphere

Perhaps confirming some of the fans’ fears, this second episode lacks the tension and entertainment factor of the Homeland of old, despite a few promising plotlines – 8/10

Monday, 06/10


The Big Bang Theory, CBS – The Hook-Up Reverberation

Well it had to happen some time, didn’t it? A genuinely funny all-round episode with an entertaining A & B-Plot that gets the best out of all of the characters – 9/10


The Blacklist, NBC – Dr James Covington

Although a little dull in comparison to the rest of Season 2, The Blacklist still offers up a fast-paced episode that is perhaps more fitting with the show’s first season – 8/10


Gotham, FOX – The Balloonman

Still extremely confused in the tone department, The Balloonman starts promisingly, but ultimately flatters to deceive with a story lacking in creativity and intrigue – 7/10

Tuesday, 07/10


Agents Of SHIELD, ABC – Making Friends And Influencing People

Continuing on the show’s remarkable run of form, this episode has everything we hoped for from SHIELD: espionage, twists, heart, drama, and even a few super-powers…  – 9/10


The Flash, The CW – City Of Heroes

An bright start to this promising new series, filled with equal measures of fun, action, twists and drama. Bring on the rest of the rest of the season! – 9/10

Wednesday, 08/10

Arrow Banner

Arrow, The CW – The Calm

Despite lacking some of the quality of Season 2, it’s a good comeback, with a formidable villain and a heartbreaking twist-ending that’ll define the season ahead – 8/10

Thursday, 09/10

No shows aired this week.

Friday, 10/10

No shows aired this week.

Saturday, 11/10


Doctor Who, BBC – Mummy On The Orient Express

Yet another Doctor Who space-adventure that delivers the excitement and thrills – as well as a thought-provoking sub-plot between the Doctor and Clara. Great stuff – 9/10

Catch-Up, N/A

Under The Dome Banner - Title

Under The Dome, CBS – Force Majeure

After a particularly weak start to its sophomore season, Under The Dome spices things up with a few exciting (if a little predictable) new plot-lines – 8/10

2014/15 Ranking

# Show N E R
1 The Flash CW 1 9.0
2 Agents Of SHIELD ABC 3 8.7
3 Homeland SHO 2 8.5
4 Doctor Who BBC 8 8.3
5 The Blacklist NBC 3 8.3
6 Arrow CW 1 8.0
7 The Big Bang Theory CBS 4 7.8
8 Under The Dome CBS 3 7.3
9 Gotham FOX 3 7.3

Key – N = Network; E = # of Episodes; R = Average Rating


Overall, this has been a much more entertaining week than last – thanks, in part, to the arrival of three new shows to the line-up. It was great to see The Flash get off to a bright start, while Homeland and Arrow delivered once again (despite small lapses in quality from last year). Elsewhere, Doctor Who and The Big Bang Theory delivered in their own right, capping off a very successful selection of ‘9/10’ rated episodes for this week.

However, the real story of the 14/15 Season so far has been Agents Of SHIELD‘s remarkable form, which continued with this week’s standout episode. Although it is a long year ahead, it’s already feeling like fans are in for a much better season than last year. The only struggler left is Gotham, which is starting to get left behind on the ratings front.

Best Episode: Agents Of SHIELD – Making Friends And Influencing People


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