The Weekly Round-Up – 28/09-04/10

After the excitement of last week, things settle down a little on the TV front, as the shows try to shift into a solid rhythm – and avoid those notorious ratings slides towards a possible cancellation. Pessimism aside though, it’s always interesting to see how quickly a freshman series like Gotham can settle, and whether any of the old favourites can improve.


Notably strong in Week 1 were Agents Of SHIELD and The Blacklist – both of which ended their freshman runs well last year. Based on last week’s premieres, it seems like the creative teams have managed to maintain this momentum into 2014/15. In other news, Doctor Who delivered its latest hit in a string of strong episodes, but The Big Bang Theory stuttered to life with a meek season opener. Is the show getting a little tiresome?

After a widely watched premiere episode that garnered a fairly positive reaction from critics and casual viewers alike, Gotham now has the tricky task of delivering on its potential. While I found some elements of the show’s Pilot last week a little inconsistent, it also showed a lot of promise. It remains to be seen, then, if the writers and cast can deliver over the long-term. With FOX already ordering a sixteen-episode season, I’d hope it can.

Sunday, 28/09

No shows aired this week.

Monday, 29/09


The Big Bang Theory, CBS – The First Pitch Insufficiency – It’s nowhere near as disappointing as the first episode, but it’s nothing special either. The Big Bang Theory‘s reluctance to change is making the show less and less interesting. This was an okay episode, with a few genuinely funny moments – and two great turns from Simon Helberg and Melissa Rauch. Howard’s struggle to throw a pitch worked well as the main focus, but more of the same Leonard/Sheldon/Penny squabbling felt tired and overused.

Probably the best episode of the season so far, The First Pitch Insufficiency makes you chuckle – even though we’ve heard all of the gags before – 8/10


The Blacklist, NBC – Monarch Douglas Bank – After a fantastic season opener, The Blacklist maintains the high standard that’s become synonymous with the show in recent times. The episode offers story with plenty of twists and turns, mixed in with some excellent solo performances – particularly from newcomer Mary-Louise Parker. The more generic main plot seemed a little inconsequential, but seeing Spader and Stormare going toe-to-toe, face-to-face for the first time was fantastic.

Showing the same consistency and quality as the back-end of last season, Monarch Douglas Bank rates as another good episode for The Blacklist – 8/10


Gotham, FOX – Selina Kyle – Well it’s better than last week. Still, something doesn’t feel quite right about Gotham – it’s a bit disappointing. Once again, the show seems confused about its tone, while Jada Pinkett-Smith continues to overact as the cheesy Fish Mooney. But there are always bright sparks – Robin Lord Taylor’s Oswald Cobblepot is wonderfully creepy, while the chemistry between leads Ben McKenzie and Donal Logue continues to strengthen. I just wish the writers could decide on the atmosphere – dark or campy?

With an engaging main plot and a few entertaining supporting turns, Selina Kyle marks an improvement in quality for Gotham. But there’s still much to do – 8/10

Tuesday, 30/09


Agents Of SHIELD, ABC – Heavy Is The Head – After perhaps setting the bar a little too high in its first outing this season, AOS returned with a less impressive – albeit still decent – second episode. Though the story lacks any great character moments like the Fitz reveal last week (and Ward’s presence too), it still manages to entertain. Adrian Pasdar is great again as Talbot, while newcomer Nick Blood also impresses. Most interesting though, is the inclusion of Kyle Maclachlan as Skye’s father. He seems positively menacing.

Fleshing out some of the new supporting players, while teasing a new set of villains to rival HYDRA, Heavy Is The Head succeeds as another solid AOS episode  – 8/10

Wednesday, 01/10

No shows aired this week.

Thursday, 02/10

No shows aired this week.

Friday, 03/10

No shows aired this week.

Saturday, 04/10


Doctor Who, BBC – Kill The Moon – It could have been a masterpiece… but instead it felt a little rushed. This has actually been a common feature throughout this season – with the writers just trying to cram in too much material. While the idea of a creature living inside the moon was fantastic, and the reveal superb, the plot was too hurried and jumpy at times to ever truly resonate. Even Clara’s (almost certainly temporary) departure at the end of the episode felt crammed in – despite some great acting from Jenna Coleman.

Kill The Moon is a wonderfully acted tale of morality and moon-eggs that ultimately falters a little in the execution – 8/10

2014/15 Ranking

# Show N E R
1 The Blacklist NBC 2 8.5
1 Agents Of SHIELD ABC 2 8.5
3 Doctor Who BBC 7 8.1
4 Gotham FOX 2 7.5
5 The Big Bang Theory CBS 3 7.3

Key – N = Network; E = # of Episodes; R = Average Rating


Strangely enough, we’ve had a decent run of ‘solid 8s’ this week – with no episode standing out in particular. In the end, The Blacklist probably came out strongest, leaving me very excited about the future of the show – while I can’t help but feel I was a little generous with my Gotham rating. I have such mixed feelings about Doctor Who at the moment.

But never fear, next week marks the returns of last season’s sure-fire hits Arrow and Homeland, as well as the highly anticipated debut of the former’s sister show: The Flash on The CW. While the two returning shows negotiate a few big changes and a lot of expectations, The Flash will be hoping impress from the very beginning and really hit the ground running – sorry, couldn’t resist it! Till next week then.

Best Episode: The Blacklist – Monarch Douglas Bank

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