Editorial – The Top 10 Best Moments From Arrow (Season 2)

This is a quickie. On the back of my review of Arrow Season 2, I decided to write small piece over for those nice ol’ folks over at comicbookmovie.com, where I’ve written a bit in the past. It’s a short list featuring my favourite moments from the season as a whole. Check it out by either clicking on the link above, or you can read it here below.


Season 2 of Arrow was arguably the best single season of a CBM show ever made. The quality was fantastic, with almost every episode impressing, week-in-week-out. The stunts and effects were great for the big episodes – and particularly impressive for a CW budget. These, in combination with some great acting performances (most notably Manu Bennett and David Ramsey) and a willingness from the producers to embrace the DC universe’s vast and rich character library made Arrow one of the best shows around.

Here’s a list of my ten favourite moments from last season…

10) Meet Barry Allen, The Scientist

“I’m sorry I’m late. My train was late. Actually, the second one. The first one I did miss, but that was my cab driver’s fault. I have this great traffic app and he thought that he was right. But I’m here now though” – Barry Allen

A lot of people (myself included) were pretty hesistant when Glee star Grant Gustin was announced as the future Flash of the DC TV universe. It’s safe to say Gustin silenced a lot of the doubters with his two performances in the mid-season finale – and got everyone pretty excited for his new spin-off, The Flash, this fall.

9) The League Returns, Unthinkable

“I Am Nyssa, daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul, heir to the demon” – Nyssa Al Ghul
“Felicity Smoak. MIT Class of ’09”
 – Felicity Smoak

After two impressive appearances earlier on in the season, The League Of Assassins returned to Starling to help Oliver take on Slade in the finale. Their surprise arrival was just one of the many moments in the two-part finale that had me out of my seat in excitement. Bring on Ra’s Al Ghul for Season 3!

8) Welcome To The Suicide Squad, Suicide Squad

“Give me a break, this ain’t no task force. Let’s call it like it is. Welcome to the Suicide Squad” – Floyd Lawton

Michael Rowe was one of the season’s suprise packages as Deadshot, first impressing in a Russian prison team-up with Diggle in Keep Your Enemies Closer, and then as a member of the wildly entertaining Suicide Squad. I’ve been a big fan of the team for a few years now, and would love to see a rumoured spin-off show come to light.

7) Enter The Canary, City Of Heroes

“Where the hell did you come from?” – Roy Harper

Season 2 started with a bang, as fan-favourite ‘Green Arrow’ character The Canary exploded into the Arrow universe for the first time to save Roy’s life from a few punk-ass kids. While she was missing her signature scream, she sure as hell still packed a punch or two, and went on to become a big part of the season.

6) Malcolm’s Return, State Vs Queen

“There are parts of the world where death is an illusion. I’ve been to one. I learned to be very convincing” – Malcolm Merlyn

Barrowman!! He was never really going to stay dead was he? Season 1 villain, Malcolm Merlyn, returned to our screens alive and well after his supposed death last year. Even more suprising was the revelation that Thea was his daughter, and that he trained under a certain ‘Ra’s Al Ghul’. His return to the main cast for Season 3 has me very excited.

5) The Hood & The Mask, The Promise

“You know, when we first tried to get off this island, it was as strangers, but now it’s as brothers” – Slade Wilson

The core storyline behind Season 2 was always ‘Oliver and Slade’ – a friendship that turned them into archenemies, both on the island and in the present. But no moment highlighted their brotherhood as well as the pair of them suiting up in their hood and mask to bring down Ivo on the Amazo. It’s a shame things turned so sour…

4) Enter Deathstroke, Blind Spot

“Your incompetence has now cost me four lives, Alderman. Fail me again, and yours will be the fifth” – Slade Wilson

Sebastian Blood did a fantastic job as the season’s early antagonist, but nothing could beat Slade Wilson suiting up as the fearsome Deathstroke for the first time. After Blood’s efforts to bring Starling City under his control hit a snag, Slade is forced to do a little old-skool killing, in an impressive show to keep Blood in line.

3) The Final Fight, Unthinkable

“I already know how you feel. I know what it’s like to hate. To want revenge. And now I know how it feels to see my enemy so distracted, he doesn’t see the real danger is right in front of him” – Oliver Queen

This is what it all came down to. The standout action piece of the season saw Oliver and Slade take each other on, for the first and last times. The scene made great use of juxtaposition between the past and present, ultimately ending with Oliver defeating his nemesis both times, in Starling and impaling him through the eye on the Amazo.

2) Moira’s Sacrifice, Seeing Red

“There’s only one way this night can end, and we both know that, don’t we, Mr Wilson?” – Moira Queen

From misguided villain to selfless hero, Moira Queen endured one of the most difficult character arcs on the show – but her love for her children always remained constant. It was fitting here, then, that she died so that Thea and Oliver could live in a shocking last few minutes that no one saw coming.

1) Slade’s Speech, Three Ghosts

“Once he has lost everyone and everything he values, I will drive an arrow through his eye” – Slade Wilson

What a moment. Slade’s speech to Blood at the end of the mid-season finale still gives me goosebumps everytime I watch it. His threat to bring, not just Oliver, but everyone he works with and loves down really highlights how strong the core group of characters on Arrow are – and how scared you are for them if Slade is after them. Fantastic stuff.

So there you have it folks! My ten favourite moments from Season 2. Do you agree with them, or have you got any other favourite moments? I’d love to know what you guys think.

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